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As a designer, I have always been passionate about working with people, in social settings. This is where I decided to combine my design skills with events and people, creating, leading, and participating in many different events! Below are a few examples of events I have either initiated, or have been the lead of. Of course all of these events have happened with the help of other lovely individuals and teams. These events vary in size and impact, but are all people centered and filled with magic! 

International Biodiversity Day at AUB(IBDAA)

Presenting the 2018 International Biodiversity Day at AUB (IBDAA) funded by the United Nations. More than 800 student participants from all over Lebanon from six participating universities.

Let’s Talk Language

Let’s Talk Language is a language and cultural exchange passion project that I initiated in Beirut in 2015. More than 130 events organised in total in 3 different cities, Beirut, Munich, and London. A diversity of international participants from all over the world has been the core of the events.

Design Workshops

A picture from one of the numerous design workshops I have organized for design enthusiasts in both Munich and Beirut. More than 15 beginner workshops given in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Open Design Day

Open design day, an event with more than 100 participants who joined to learn more about different design disciplines from professionals in the field.

To Leave or Not To Leave

To Leave or Not To Leave, an event that was independently organised in collaboration with the Beirut Digital District, with high profile guest speakers who shared their experiences and opinions on youth immigration in Lebanon.